Unsolicited Testimonials

Thank you for all your help and encouragement with photography. We will miss you. Good luck.

Nicholas Littlemore, Student at Barker College, Sydney

David Bigwood, who is returning to Australia, will remain an associate editor and continue his column. I have very much enjoyed having David in our freelance team since he came to Britain, his interviews with photographers have been first-rate and his freelancing articles concise and relevant.

David Kilpatrick FBIPP AMPA, Publisher, Kelso, Scotland

Just had to drop you a line to say a big thank you for sending me a copy of the excellent magazine. (Better Photography). Thought your piece was cracking and beautifully done.

Charlie Waite, Photographer, Dorset, England

I’ve just received the copies of F2 magazine and wanted to say a big “thank you”. I’m really pleased with the article and my images have also reproduced very well. I’m sure the publicity for the book will prove helpful. Thank you.

Ross Hoddinott, Photographer, Cornwall, England

Lovely copy and a good selection of shots too – many thanks.

Nick Jenkins, Photographer, Wales

However, may I thank you very much indeed for the interest and support you have given me. It really is very much appreciated indeed. When you are next over here I would very much like to meet up and thank you personally! (too many ‘very much’ ‘s in there).

Nick Jenkins, Photographer, Wales

Thanks for submission to Photogenic Places… great stuff. I’ll be using it in the August 2005 issue of Camera.

Paul Burrows, Editor Camera Australia

These photography profiles work very well and look fantastic and John Potter is stunning stuff as well.

Bill Taylor, Editor, The Countryman (UK)

It is a beautifully put together article – so many thanks are due for your drive, enthusiasm and support of me/my work. I really do appreciate it.

You must look me up when here — some of my books await you as a thank you!

Nick Jenkins, Photographer, Wales

That is great. Thank you. It all helps.

Charlie Waite, Photographer, Dorset

Thanks so much for this. It is very good of you to continue to be so supportive of my efforts.

Once again David, very many thanks for this and other things you have written to promote the work.

Charlie Waite, Photographer, Dorset, England

I have just received the first issue of f2 Freelance and Digital since it was taken over by EC1 Publishing and was disappointed to find that your column is no longer included.  It was always the first article I used to read when I received the magazine.  As a photographer just taking his first steps in the freelance world, I found your advice and suggestions invaluable and always presented in a very easy to read style.  You may be pleased to know (or possibly not) that I have taken a number of your ideas and adapted them to suit my own style. I hope you don’t mind. Anyway just to say that I will miss your words of wisdom in the future, but many thanks for all of those in the past.  Best wishes for the future and happy freelancing.

Kind Regards

Simon Rhodes, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

Our thanks also go to David Bigwood for his excellent assistance [the layout of the book] which greatly helped in the 2005 edition of The Roviana and English Dictionary.

Shepp Publishers, Sydney

Thanks very much for the reading and correction of my text; it has taken a big load from my mind. All corrections have been effected. I have, of course, acknowledged you in the book.

Thanks for the wonderful job you did. I implemented all of your changes. I lost count of the times I read through the text and yet I still missed things and made so many errors!


I’m just following up on your feature, which looks fantastic by the way. Everyone loves the photos!

Joanne Mullen, Editor, Australia and New Zealand (UK)

Anyway thanks for the submission… it’s up to your usual exemplary standard.

Paul Burrows, Editor, Australian Camera

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