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New Lightbox on Global Eye

Australia: Snow gums, Snowy Mountains, NSW
Australia: Snow gums, Snowy Mountains, NSW

I have recently put up a lightbox on Global Eye Images of some of my photos of the Australian Snowy Mountains. This is one of the pictures. To see the whole lightbox go to

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Shooting Generic Images



Success as a freelance photographer relies upon maximising our return for every minute that we invest in our business. This is true whether we are full or part-time freelances. We have to keep our cameras working so if you are ever at a loss for a subject during a wet and uninviting day, here is something that you can do at home with almost no special equipment.

You will have seen in magazines and newspapers the images that are used in such things as the financial column or on the food or computer pages. Often these images have no direct connection with the words, they are there just to draw our attention to the article and to get us to read it. They are generic images and it is these that you can shoot simply at home, the only limitation being your imagination. And, imagination is the key. You will be competing with many other photographers who have tapped into this market so innovation is as vital as technique.

The only essential items of equipment other than your camera are a tripod and, if one can be fitted to your camera, a cable release and, if you don’t have a macro lens, a set of extension tubes. You don’t even need special lighting or flash unless you are shooting at night. I usually get by with just window light and an occasional reflector — generally a piece of white card or aluminium foil. Keeping it simple is my philosophy.

While innovation is vital, if you have not been involved in shooting very close ups, experiment with some simple ideas to begin with so that when you do come to shoot your innovative set ups you don’t have to think about your technique and can concentrate on getting your pre-visualised ideas on to film or sensor.

What you are looking for as generic images are items that can be photographed so as to be recognisable without showing all their detail. With things like books, this can simply mean shooting so that their titles are not visible but with other items it may be necessary to have just a part of the subject sharply in focus. For instance if you want to show that it is a camera without showing its make, use a large aperture to reduce depth of field and focus on the shutter button or the side of the lens or anywhere where the name of the manufacturer doesn’t appear or can be thrown so out of focus that it is illegible. Or you can do the same with a credit card without giving away important details such as its number. Grab a pen and some paper and start listing your ideas for generic images. In quick time you will probably have up to twenty written down.

Generic images may not be the most exciting of pictures to shoot but they can be one way of keeping your camera active and earning its keep on days that are not conducive to much other photography. They can be one way of maximising our return from our freelance business.

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More images with Alamy

Australia: Bird's eye view of light rail tracks, Surfers Paradis

I have just uploaded a batch of my Surfers Paradise photos to Alamy including this one of a bird’s eye view of the light rail tracks complete with tram/train.

To see the images I have with Alamy, Click here

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On its way to Alamy


Just had a few days on Queensland’s Gold Coast and happened to come across a surfboat carnival. This is one of my favourite shots. It will soon be on its way to Alamy, the on-line photo library.

To see the images I have with Alamy, Click here

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Normal Service Resumed

Woman walking her dog

Finally, I seem to have conquered Windows 7 which I have had to change to as my operating system with the demise of XP so, hopefully, normal service will now be resumed.

The image above has just been sold through Alamy and I think it is an appropriate picture to demonstrate that it is possible to sell very ordinary pictures if they happen to suit the needs of an art director. Which is why freelances should always be on the lookout for ordinary images as well as extraordinary ones.

To see the photographic e-books I have published including Images that Sell, go to Smashwords at

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First Batch for 2014


My first batch of photos for 2014 has just been accepted by Alamy. Included was the picture above. You can see another picture at my Facebook photography page here

To see all the images I have with Alamy (now over a thousand) click here

Thank you to those of you who replied to my request for comments yesterday.

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The Thrill of a Sale

Thredbo River, Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia

It’s a lovely surprise when I look at Alamy and find that another picture of mine has been sold. Even though I have been at this freelance writing and photography business for a long time, it is still a thrill for me when one of my images is considered good enough for somebody to use and pay me for the use.

The picture here is the latest to be sold for use in a book.

To see the images I have with Alamy, Click here

and to see my themed lightboxes on my website, Click here