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Panorama Photographs on the Cheap


My latest e-book just published at Smashwords.

A hankering after being able to create landscape panoramas but without the necessary panoramic camera led me to begin by cropping my medium format transparencies then, when I moved from film to digital, to using Photoshop to stitch a series of images together. In this book I describe the use of both Photoshop and Lightroom.

It is available at and is priced at
$US1-99. It is formatted for most tablet readers, including Kindle, and also for reading on your computer.

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E-book Price Reductions/photography

Most of the prices of my e-books have been reduced with most of my photography titles now at $US0.99. They are e-books so I can’t say as they do in television ads ‘hurry, stocks are limited’. However, I would be pleased if you at least had a look!

To view my e-books at Smashwords click here

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Photography E-books

Details of my photography e-books are available on my website at

These books are all available through Smashwords and various retailers in formats for most tablet readers and as PDFs. You can also get them as PDFs directly from me by e-mailing

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My E-Books

To see all my e-books, please go to Smashwords at or any Amazon store (in Australia

If buying through Smashwords, note that you can use the coupon code of MC65U to save $2 on the price until 15th March. The Amazon price includes the discount until 15th March.

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Special price on new e-book until 15 March

Kindle Cover 437I-0

Photographers’ Introduction to Boudoir Photography has just been published on Smashwords and Kindle. Until 15th March it is available at just 99 cents. Then it will revert to $2-99 so get in quick and use the coupon code at Smashwords of MC65U If buying the Kindle edition from Amazon no code is required.

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Words with your pictures


Of the hundreds of articles I have had published, only a handful were not illustrated with my pictures. Whether the words sold the pictures or the pictures sold the words is impossible to determine but it seems obvious that a package offered to an editor must make his or her job easier if they do not have to seek pictures to illustrate the words. There is, of course, the proviso that the subject of the article is what they want and the words and pictures are up to scratch.
If you are wanting to make some sort of cash return on the investment you have made in your photography, perhaps you should consider adding words to your pictures.

And, if you need help to get started, maybe my e-book will be helpful. It is available for tablet readers, including Kindle, or for reading on your computer at

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The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway

RER Cover 1015-32

It’s only a little railway running on narrow gauge track but it travels through the lovely country that is the English Lake District. My latest e-book tells of my visit to the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway or the La’al Ratty as it is known in the old Cumberland dialect. You can see details of this e-book at

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Need help with your photography?

Cover Macro

Need some help with your photography? Maybe some of the e-books I have published will answer your needs. I am a regularly published writer and photographer, have qualified as a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society and am a member of the Australian Society of Authors. I sell my pictures through Alamy, the on-line photo library.

To see the e-books available for tablet readers and in PDF format Click here

I am happy to do my best to answer your photography queries

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Improve Your Photographic Portraits

Not long ago I was looking at one of the portrait pictures I had made when shooting on film in a Mamiya C33 camera many years ago and rued the fact that I had not opened up the aperture enough to reduce the depth of field and so blur the background. The result was that the background was just too sharp and so tended to take the eye away from the sitter. To my mind, it destroyed what was a good image of the model.

In film days, that meant that the transparency was all but useless; today, we have Photoshop. So I scanned the transparency and began my experiments with what I thought was the most likely way to achieve the result I was after — to tone down the background by blurring it but to leave the model sharp.
I opened the scanned file and made a duplicate layer. From the Filters drop down menu I selected Blur>Gaussian Blur and played with the slider until I had the background as I wanted it. Of course, this adjustment did not only apply to the background but it blurred the whole image. I then made a Layer Mask (if the Layers dialogue box is not already open, select ‘Layers’ from the Windows drop-down menu at the top of the screen, then click on the grey square with a white circle in it at the bottom of the Layers dialogue box) and inverted it by clicking on it and then clicking Control ‘I’ so that it wiped out the adjustment I had just made and the unadjusted image re-appeared. I made sure that the white square was on top at the bottom of the Tools menu and selected the Brush Tool, adjusted the size to suit and began brushing over the background so that the blurred adjustment began to show through. I had the brush set to 25% so that I could maintain a fine control over the brushing. This approach did work but, having used Photoshop since version 1, I knew that there were always several methods to achieve a result so I began searching through my photographic library and soon found some answers.

6023-6  original


6023-6  final


More ways of improving your portrait pictures can be found in my e-book in formats for tablet readers and your computer.

Portraits Cover rev small

Buy Here