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536 H. I do like black and white photography. This picture of a gum tree in the Snowy Mountains was made on my RZ67 camera using Ilford HP5 film and processed in Ilford ID11 developer in my darkroom (oh, I do miss it!). If you would like to have details of availability of prints of this picture, please email me at with ‘536 H’ as the message.

Australia: Gum tree, Snowy Mountains, NSW



Excuse me while I wallow in a little nostalgia. I may spend my Christmases in summer now but that was not always the case. Thank goodness for photography which helps keep memories alive and fresh.

Stormy day. Long Bay, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I have mentioned previously in this blog my love for black and white photography and recently I was asked to show some more of my monochrome images. This picture was made during a very stormy afternoon at Long Bay in Malabar in Sydney. I shot it between heavy showers that had me running back and forward to my car for shelter.

It is available as a print made using archival materials. To get details of print sizes and prices, e-mail with “Details please” in subject line and country to be delivered to in body of e-mail.

As a former keen monochrome worker, I miss my darkroom and the thrill of seeing a print appear in the developer and watching as it builds to its climax. And, I miss the simplicity of a black and white print.

I know that I can shoot digital in black and white but I never seem to. As a freelance I have to capture the images that magazines want and 99 plus% want everything in glorious colour. So, as I no longer have a darkroom, the only way for me to satisfy my craving for black and white is to convert suitable colour images to monochrome using my trusty computer.

As with so many things in Photoshop, there are a number of ways in which this conversion can be done. Grayscale Mode, De-saturate, Channel Mix, LAB Mode etcetera and at some stage I have used all of them. If you want to see what I have settled on, my e-book The Black and White Enthusiast sets it all out including the conversion of colour slides.

Cover BWE 1224 IS bw gl

The Black and White Enthusiast is available in formats for tablet readers at Smashwords Here

Whatever you do, if you like black and white photography then have a go and experiment until you are satisfied

Cover BWE 1224 IS bw gl

My new e-book on black and white photography will be available at Amazon for Kindle in the next 24 hours.

Cover BWE 1224 IS bw gl

Colour film did not kill black and white photography nor has digital. We may live in a colourful world but many of the great images that grace walls both small and large are those devoid of colour. And, among the photographer fraternity there is still a large number of Black and White Enthusiasts. Some of those continue to shoot on film but there are many who are happy to have embraced the new technology and use it to produce their stunning black and white images. In my case, I am not concerned at how the image has been captured or even whether the print was made in the traditional darkroom or on a digital printer. To me, it is the final result that matters and my new e-book, The Black and White Enthusiast, is intended to show how, after many experiments, I have chosen to produce my prints in this digital age. My way is not the only way but it is one that works for me and, maybe, it will work for you.

You can see details about The Black and White Enthusiast and buy it for most tablet readers at

The Black and White Enthusiast is also available in PDF format from my website at

Cover BWE 1224 IS bw gl

Some time ago I posted about writing a new black and white photography e-book. And, finally, it’s here! You can get details at It will eventually be available also from various retailers.

It is also available in PDF format from my website at

Thredbo River, Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia

A black and white duotone of the Thredbo River not far from where I live. If you haven’t tried duotone in Photoshop, there is a chapter on doing it in my e-book Black and White Photography in the Digital Age.

It is available from Smashwords at and from your Amazon store. It is also available as a pdf from my website at

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Moored dinghy

Llanberis Pass, Snowdonia, North Wales

My e-book, Black and White Photography in the Digital Age, has been selling well so, I have begun writing a book on black and white photography to be published as a paperback. I am still a keen advocate of the black and white image as is to be expected as I cut my teeth photographically on that genre. I also started the Black and White Enthusiast to represent the UK publisher of Creative Monochrome in Australia and went on to found the magazine of the same name which eventually became Silvershotz after I sold it.

The picture accompanying this post was made in my RZ67 camera on Velvia film, was scanned professionally and converted to black and white by me. It is of the Llanberis Pass in the Snowdonia region of North Wales and I think it will become one of the images in my new book which, among other things, will show how to convert and process your film or digital images to produce stunning black and whites.

As they say, ‘watch this space’!

If you don’t have my e-book, you can get it

Black and White Photography in the Digital Age is available in PDF format Here

Black and White Photography in the Digital Age is available in formats for tablet readers at Smashwords Here

Black and White Photography in the Digital Age is available in formats for Kindle readers at Amazon Here