Posters are printed on 200gsm paper in A3 size (29.7x42cms) If you want a different size please email me the details using the form under the ‘Contact’ tab. The prices include postage to Australian addresses. Overseas customers please email me using the form under the ‘Contact’ tab.

To place your order, email the reference number of your chosen image using the form under the ‘Contact’ tab. Then go to the ‘Pay with Paypal’ tab below and make your payment. Once Paypal advises of the receipt of the payment your image will be posted to you.

You may return the poster within fourteen days of receipt for a refund of the product price if not entirely satisfied.

A3 Poster (29.7x42cms) including postage and packing to Australian addresses


Poster print PP1
Poster print PP2 – Black Stockings
Poster print PP3 – What’s the time?
Poster print PP4 – IF wishes were fishes
Poster print PP5 – Where is he?
Poster print PP6 – Just watching
Poster print PP7 – Black stockings 2
Poster print PP8
Poster print PP9
Poster print PP 10
Poster print PP 11