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6013-9a Sun setting over Lake Jindabyne in Australia’s Snowy Mountains, NSW
8202391 Dead tree protecting new growth in Perisher Valley. To get details of prints of this image available for sale, please contact me at with ‘8202391’ as the message.
Australia: Snowy Mountains, NSW. Clouds over main range from Charlotte Pass.

One of the latest batch of my photographs accepted by Alamy, the on-line photo library. It is of the main range in Australia’s Snowy Mountains from Charlotte Pass. It will be on sale as a 42x30cms framed print in my shared exhibition with graphic artist Deb Paton in November.

Golden Coral Fungus (Ramaria aurea)

Another photo added to my collection available from Alamy, the on-line photo library. To see my complete collection go to the Home page and follow the instructions below the Alamy logo.

Australia: Thredbo River, Snowy Mountains, NSW

Another Snowy Mountains photo uploaded to Alamy the on-line photo library. To see all my photos with Alamy, go to Stock photography by David Bigwood at Alamy then click on ‘Images by David Bigwood to see all the photos or use the search box to find what you want.


Another flower picture. I have not been able to identify the flower yet. Maybe somebody who sees it can tell me.

The colour version of my black and white picture of Burnham Beeches in England that I posted recently.

Stock photography by David Bigwood at Alamy

A book showing some of my images that have been published either by my own submission or through Alamy, the on-line photo library. It is intended to show how some very ordinary pictures can sell if they suit an editor’s requirements. I have now made this e-book FREE with a special bonus attached. Go to to get your free copy.

Australia: Silver Gull (Larus novaehollandiae) at rest on rock in shallow sea

Silver gull (Larus novaehollandiae) resting on a small rock. One of a batch of pictures added to my collection with Alamy, the on-line photo library.

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