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Finally! At long last I am working on the With Pen and Camera Newsletter. It’s due out by the end of this month. If you would like to see a copy, just go to the Newsletter tab above and complete the form.




Just added to Posters in my shop. A doctored road sign that I was lucky enough to photograph before it was removed by the authorities. It once stood on the road to the ski resorts in Australia’s Snowy Mountains. (Shop>Posters)

My Shop tab is now open for business on this site so please have a look.

The bush

The bush

This abstract image of the Australian bush is one of the pictures I have available from Red Bubble as a poster, a canvas, photographic, art (100% cotton rag archivally produced), framed or metal print all in a variety of sizes. You will also see other products that are available with my print of your choice such as tote bags. It’s gift time so get in now while delivery can still be made before Christmas. I recently had an order delivered in under two weeks.

Go to to see my photographs from which you can choose. Australian, UK and neutral images available.


How about this for a Christmassy type shot? It is available on cards, prints of various types and sizes, posters, tote bags and throw cushions. Go to Red Bubble at to get details and to order and to see all my other images available.

Bridge over River Conwy, Llanrwst, North Wales

Here’s an ideal Christmas gift for your Welsh friends. It shows the bridge at Llanrwst over the River Conwy. It was built in 1636 and is still going strong. The photo is available at Red Bubble ( for sale as a variety of photographic prints and sizes, as greeting cards, posters, phone and I-pad cases, throw cushions and totebags. Have a look and see the other images I have available for sale at Red Bubble.


This is one of the images that I have on Red Bubble ( which are available for sale as a variety of photographic prints and sizes, as greeting cards, posters, phone and I-pad cases, throw cushions and totebags. More images are about to go up so how about going to the link in brackets above and have a browse. Ideal gifts.

Souvenirs Cover kindle


Even in the digital age with no film and processing costs, photography is not cheap. When you take into account the camera, lenses, computers, software, printers, paper, inks and all the upgrades that seem to occur regularly to tempt you to spend more money to get the latest super outfit which will be superseded within months, it appears that it gulps money.

So, how can you recoup some of this outlay? What can you do with all those great pictures that fill your files? They must be worth something.

Well, as somebody who over the years has had a go at many projects designed to earn money with my photography let me suggest a way that can produce cash from your camera. Why not use your pictures to produce what I classify generally as souvenir products for your local area? I include in this category such things as postcards, greeting cards, calendars, notecards, bookmarks, and posters.

In this book, I shall take each category and explain how I go about making them, the software I use with suggested alternatives, and the materials.

You can buy this e-book for most tablet readers at Smashwords (, as a PDF from my website ( and from your Kindle store.



Eastern Grey kangaroos in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia one of my images available from Red Bubble as a print (framed or unframed), greeting cards, postcards, posters, canvas prints or metal prints. To see the range available, go to