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Newly added to the prints for sale in a variety of sizes. (Shop>Photographic Prints>Snowy Mountains, Australia) Click on the picture for a larger image.

I was lucky enough to be taken recently to Delegate, a small town in the Snowy Mountains region, by a friend. It was an opportunity for me to take my camera out and shoot a few pictures which I have been neglecting to do for a long time. The town was interesting and although the weather was so so I managed to make some pictures that I was reasonably happy with. It was good to be behind the camera again and my enthusiasm for photography has been rekindled. Thank goodness for friends! These pictures are now available for licensing through Alamy.

Another of my e-books that is popular.

In the days of film BD (before digital) no self-respecting landscape photographer would leave home without an armoury of filters. Then came digital and Photoshop and it seemed that the days of filters for every occasion were numbered. My expensive collection of Lee filters was consigned to my spare camera bag.
But, keen reader of photography books as I am, I noted that filters were getting mentioned again and again and again. The final straw was when I was browsing through a book by one of my favourite photographers, David Noton, who mentioned time and time again the use of his polariser, neutral density (ND) graduated and neutral density full filters. (David Noton: Full Frame (David and Charles) 978-0-7153-3614-4) If they were good enough for a brilliant photographer like him, who was I to forego them. So a scrabble through my spare bag ensued and I went forth suitably filtered.
Not, I hasten to add, with the full arsenal that I used to carry in film days but with those that are proving useful in digital days to improve the results out of the camera so that less time has to be spent in processing in front of the computer.

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Just added to the prints for sale under the ‘Shop’ and ‘Photographic Prints’ tabs.

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One of the prints available through the ‘Shop’ tab. There are many others so do have a look. You never know what you might find.

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Another addition to my exhibit in the Berridale Community Art Gallery in the Berridale Inn. Call in any Saturday between 11am and 3pm to enjoy the work of local artists. This and all my prints can be supplied by mail in various sizes if you cannot call in. Message me for details. Click on image for larger picture.

An addition to my exhibit in the Berridale Community Art Gallery in the Berridale Inn. Come along on any Saturday between 11am and 3pm to enjoy work by local artists.

One of the new photos added to my shop tab at

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