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Main range from Geehi, Snowy Mountains, Australia

Time to return to some pictures of my other love, the mountains.
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Ripples and pools in wet sand

After the tide goes out.

Plants colonising a sand dune. Beaches do provide many subjects for my camera.

Breaking wave

I love photographing the restless sea. Maybe the caption for this shot could be ‘Turmoil’.

Message me using the form under the tab ‘Contact’ if you would like details of fine art prints or for editorial use.

Shire horses standing beside lake

Shire horses standing beside lake. One of the photos I have for sale in various formats and styles at Photo4me. To see my portfolio there, go to

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An ethereal shot created by using a slow shutter speed so that the moving sea is blurred but the stationary rocks remain sharp. Available as a fine art print.

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Excuse me while I wallow in a little nostalgia. I may spend my Christmases in summer now but that was not always the case. Thank goodness for photography which helps keep memories alive and fresh.

Stormy day. Long Bay, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I have mentioned previously in this blog my love for black and white photography and recently I was asked to show some more of my monochrome images. This picture was made during a very stormy afternoon at Long Bay in Malabar in Sydney. I shot it between heavy showers that had me running back and forward to my car for shelter.

It is available as a print made using archival materials. To get details of print sizes and prices, e-mail with “Details please” in subject line and country to be delivered to in body of e-mail.

As a former keen monochrome worker, I miss my darkroom and the thrill of seeing a print appear in the developer and watching as it builds to its climax. And, I miss the simplicity of a black and white print.

I know that I can shoot digital in black and white but I never seem to. As a freelance I have to capture the images that magazines want and 99 plus% want everything in glorious colour. So, as I no longer have a darkroom, the only way for me to satisfy my craving for black and white is to convert suitable colour images to monochrome using my trusty computer.

As with so many things in Photoshop, there are a number of ways in which this conversion can be done. Grayscale Mode, De-saturate, Channel Mix, LAB Mode etcetera and at some stage I have used all of them. If you want to see what I have settled on, my e-book The Black and White Enthusiast sets it all out including the conversion of colour slides.

Cover BWE 1224 IS bw gl

The Black and White Enthusiast is available in formats for tablet readers at Smashwords Here

Whatever you do, if you like black and white photography then have a go and experiment until you are satisfied

Cover BWE 1224 IS bw gl

My new e-book on black and white photography will be available at Amazon for Kindle in the next 24 hours.

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