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Of the hundreds of articles I have had published, only a handful were not illustrated with my pictures. Whether the words sold the pictures or the pictures sold the words is impossible to determine but it seems obvious that a package offered to an editor must make his or her job easier if they do not have to seek pictures to illustrate the words. There is, of course, the proviso that the subject of the article is what they want and the words and pictures are up to scratch.

If you are wanting to make some sort of cash return on the investment you have made in your photography, perhaps you should consider adding words to your pictures.

This small e-book tells you how I have gone about combining words and pictures and it might give you an idea or two to help you get started putting words with your pictures.

Until the end of 2019 I am offering my e-book, Put Words with your Pictures as a freebie to those of you who would like to do what the title says. Just complete the form below to get your book.

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