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Here and There in England and Wales — in pdf format

I was born in England and grew up there before I pursued a girl to the
other side of the world where I have now spent most of my life. But,
the memories of my early years and the love of England’s green and
pleasant land have never left me. Nor has my fondness for Wales where
I spent many happy holidays on the Lleyn peninsula.
England and Wales have numerous places worthy of attention and
many are so well known that they are familiar to those who have never
visited them.
In this small book I have gathered together some of the places that
have lingered long in my memory and which may not be as familiar as
the popular tourist spots.
There are, of course, many such places in these small islands and the
hope is that you will find your own favourites that will live forever in
your memory.

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PDF e-book Here and There in England and Wales

Travels with my pen and camera.


Also available in paperback from your Amazon store.

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