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Images that Sell Volume 2 — my new e-book

Here is the Introduction to my new e-book, Images that Sell Volume 2: Marketing our photographs for use by publishers is a time consuming task for stock photographers especially for those who are a one man or woman band. I know, I’ve tried it for many years. Just lately, I have relied on using Alamy, the on-line photographic library in an effort to sell licenses to my pictures for use by publishers including those who I am very unlikely to sell to on my own. For instance, in this book there are images that have sold to publishers in Turkey and Italy.
So, what is this book about? I have put together some of my photographs that have been licensed through Alamy to show the range of subjects and countries for which licenses have been issued. It is an attempt to show how diverse the requirements of publishers can be. It is also an indication of how some very ordinary subjects can appear in print if the image does the job for the publisher.

And, here is a picture from the ebook:
An evening walk and warm light produced the right conditions for a backlit shot. It’s nothing out of the ordinary but sometimes this sort of picture is just what an editor wants.
Licensed by Alamy for worldwide editorial use in a magazine.

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