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Tim Rudman Newsletter

Tim Rudman Newsletter
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Greetings from the UK, where spring has suddenly ‘sprung’ after a long wet winter.
The daffodils are out and so, for the first time in ages, is the sun – so what better time to make an announcement about a new book and new exhibitions:
• New book – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm
• New publishing venture – Opas Books
• New exhibitions – “Iceland” and “Twenty Pieces of Silver”
• Lith product news
New Book – summer 2015
Book – Prints – Exhibition
In my November newsletter I dropped a heavy hint about a new book that I was working on, so now is the time to draw back the veil and give you further details:
‘Iceland, an Uneasy Calm’ is the first book I have produced in several years and it differs from my other books in a number of ways. Firstly, it is an image book, not an instructional book. Secondly, because I want to control all aspects of the book from the choice of images through to the materials and where and how it is printed, I decided to set up my own publishing label ‘Opas Books’.

This brings freedom to make all the decisions but it also carries significant risk regarding the financial implications – so please don’t feel shy about sharing this new book information with your forums and on all your social media, because with your support and if this venture is successful I hope it may lead to further publications, both of my work and perhaps some collaborative publications together with your work, rather along the lines that ‘World of Lith Printing’ did. I am also investigating the possibility of reprinting The Photographers Toning Book on this label – at a far more affordable price than it currently commands on the resale market!
I am still basically pretty analogue. I use Facebook, but not other media like twitter, pinterest, flickr and so many others that are still in my ‘blind spot’! So your support in spreading the word would be much appreciated.

I will have more information on Opas Books soon, but first things first …


designer’s impression
The Book:
‘Iceland, an Uneasy Calm’ began life 8 years ago. It had been my intention to photograph in Iceland since the 1970s, but somehow life always ‘got in the way’ until 2007, when I joined the American photographic artist Bill Schwab’s first group trip there – the combination of Bill Schwab and Iceland together being just too good to miss!
I have been visiting Iceland regularly and in all seasons ever since and like others I have fallen in love with it. During this time Iceland has become one of the most popular destinations anywhere for photographers and understandably so. It is a landscape like no other and every photographer will or should find their own personal way of identifying with it. This is mine.

The book is a handsome cloth bound hardback with a dust cover. It measures 300mm x 280mm and beautifully printed and bound in Verona, Italy. 132 pages with a Foreword by Bill Schwab and an introductory text by me. Approximately 100 plates of the selenium & thiourea toned fibre based prints.
The first edition is limited to 1,000 copies and there will be a very small number of deluxe copies housed in a beautiful cloth or silk bound clamshell case with a limited edition silver gelatine dual toned handmade print from the book.
The books should be ready by mid summer if schedules are met, but I will keep you updated in occasional newsletters.

The Exhibition:
All the prints in the book and more will be available for a touring exhibition. The first UK venue has been secured and others are being sought, both in the UK and overseas. All enquiries are welcome so if you are associated with a gallery, as I know some of you are, please contact me at if interested.

The Prints:
Most of the prints from the book are available as limited editions of 25 in two sizes. I hope to make a few pre-launch special offers before they go on general sale, so expect more news and images soon.

Exhibition news
As some of you in Australia will know, I had an exhibition of the earlier Iceland work in 2010, initially at the Meyer Gallery in Sydney and subsequently at Gold Street Gallery nr. Melbourne and then The Gold museum in Ballarat. The work has expanded greatly since then and the first venue secured for the new work is at The Lightbox in the UK in 2016. Further details will follow.
I am very grateful to Ilford Photo for supporting this exhibition so wholeheartedly and all the Iceland work in the exhibition has been captured and printed on Ilford silver-based material.

Tim Rudman – “Twenty Pieces of Silver”
From April 22nd 2015 until June (dates pending) Blanco Negro Gallery in Sydney, Australia will be showing twenty of my silver gelatine prints in conjunction with Gold Street Studios and Gallery. The show is currently being curated from the collections of my work held at Gold Street, but is likely to include works from ‘A Walk on the White Side’ and ‘Treeworks’. All are handmade prints on silver gelatine of course and lith prints might be amongst those curated from the tree collection, but I don’t yet have a full list.
Both Blanco Negro and Gold Street are committed to handmade prints, either silver-based or so-called ‘Alternative’ processes, although that term is becoming less relevant today in the digital era. ‘Analogue’ or ‘Handmade prints’ might be a more suitable term for both.

Product news
There are 2 very new items of interest to Lith printers. I will mention them very briefly here, but will be testing both and report more fully.
In the previous newsletter I reported on the very welcome new changes that Foma have made to improve the lith printing response of a number of its papers and gave the all-important new batch numbers, which hopefully the lith printers amongst you will have kept. As stated, Foma have been further testing and refining these papers and have now issued new advice in the technical data sheet and supplement for lith. This information arrived here just minutes ago. I shall be testing the new emulsions in due course and will let you know my findings.
That powerhouse of darkroom chemistry Wolfgang Moersch (site in German and English) has become a legend in the hand printing and lith printing world and is currently developing a new product ‘Lith G’ for the enhancement and control of image colour. His results look impressive and are already attracting much interest. Samples arrived here for testing in the last hour, so I shall report on this too when time permits.

Finally … as always
If you know anyone who might be interested in my newsletters or my new book, please direct to my free mailing list here.
Why not join me on Facebook here?
Spread the word – and enjoy your printing.
Tim Rudman’s Newsletter by Tim Rudman
Surrey UK, United Kingdom

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