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Words of Hope

The following was written by my sister as she battled with a seemingly hopeless situation. I, and I suspect many of you, know this situation only too well. I thought my sister’s words were very well put and worth being seen by a wider audience rather than being hidden on the hard drive of her computer.


Emerging slowly from the painful hell of hopelessness,
Each step requiring an intensity, a concentration
Of effort almost beyond the bounds of possibility
Until one’s mind screams from the forced necessity
Of saying, “Yes I can, I will, I’m going to believe in me”.

There is another life to live, another year to run.
There will be friends to greet and laughter still.
It will get easier, I know it must.
Exist for now, that is enough.

Register the sun, the flowers, the birds,
And one day you will find
They’ve warmed your soul
Enough to feel, to love, to hurt again.

©Susan Wood

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