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Freelance Photography — How to Keep Your Name Before an Editor

What do you do when you make a sale to a publisher? After the cheering has stopped, I mean. Do you immediately parcel up every image that you think might be of interest and rush it to the publisher or do you sit down quietly and analyse how your images were used and, just as importantly, how other people’s images were used? I recommend the latter approach as unless the images in your parcel are stunning and the editor is short of material, you are likely to get your submission back very quickly and that is a depressing result.

However, if you use your marketing skills and target your next submission tightly to the magazine’s requirements, then you could be starting a long and profitable relationship with that publication. But, do make the submission quickly so that your name is likely to jog the editor’s memory — editors do have a lot to think about and numerous names to recall so get in early.

One aid to jogging memories is the use of a good-looking and distinctive letterhead. A clean, clear design with, if possible, something unique to you is needed. I don’t claim that my stationery is brilliant but I have produced a simple logo based on my initials which appears on my letterhead and on my business card.

DB Logo lh

The letterhead is printed in a purple ink as is the logo on the card. Written like this it sounds a trifle garish but I don’t think it is in real life! It’s different. I also use a good paper for the letterhead which speaks of quality. Of course, the images have to live up to that but first impressions do count and if your letter is scrawled on a scruffy piece of paper then you are starting at a disadvantage.

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