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Become a black and white photography enthusiast

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Colour film did not kill black and white photography nor has digital. We may live in a colourful world but many of the great images that grace walls both small and large are those devoid of colour. And, among the photographer fraternity there is still a large number of Black and White Enthusiasts. Some of those continue to shoot on film but there are many who are happy to have embraced the new technology and use it to produce their stunning black and white images. In my case, I am not concerned at how the image has been captured or even whether the print was made in the traditional darkroom or on a digital printer. To me, it is the final result that matters and my new e-book, The Black and White Enthusiast, is intended to show how, after many experiments, I have chosen to produce my prints in this digital age. My way is not the only way but it is one that works for me and, maybe, it will work for you.

You can see details about The Black and White Enthusiast and buy it for most tablet readers at

The Black and White Enthusiast is also available in PDF format from my website at

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