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How to make Souvenir Products using Your Pictures

Souvenirs Cover kindle


Even in the digital age with no film and processing costs, photography is not cheap. When you take into account the camera, lenses, computers, software, printers, paper, inks and all the upgrades that seem to occur regularly to tempt you to spend more money to get the latest super outfit which will be superseded within months, it appears that it gulps money.

So, how can you recoup some of this outlay? What can you do with all those great pictures that fill your files? They must be worth something.

Well, as somebody who over the years has had a go at many projects designed to earn money with my photography let me suggest a way that can produce cash from your camera. Why not use your pictures to produce what I classify generally as souvenir products for your local area? I include in this category such things as postcards, greeting cards, calendars, notecards, bookmarks, and posters.

In this book, I shall take each category and explain how I go about making them, the software I use with suggested alternatives, and the materials.

You can buy this e-book for most tablet readers at Smashwords (, as a PDF from my website ( and from your Kindle store.


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