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Interview with Ross Hoddinott

I have interviewed Ross Hoddinott a couple of times. This young nature photographer has made his mark in his chosen genre and has also written several books. This is the text of the second interview written several years ago but still worth reading.

When I first interviewed Ross Hoddinott in 2005, he was about to have his first book published. Now, he is awaiting the delivery of his second book which for a young fellow not yet 30 is an impressive record.

But not a surprising one. After all, he had won his first photographic competition at the age of 12 and went on to become the British Gas BBC Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year five years later. He has since been highly commended in the adult section in 2005. He had also decided at 17 that he would be a wildlife and nature photographer — this at an age at which many young men are still debating whether to be a professional footballer or a racing car driver if they are even thinking about the future further ahead than the next weekend!

“Ever since my parents first gave me a small compact camera for Christmas, when I was 11, I wanted to record wildlife on film. A year later, in 1990, I won BBC Countryfile’s junior flora and fauna category in their annual photography competition with a photograph of paired dragonflies. By the time I was awarded the British Gas BBC Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 1995 I had already decided my future profession — I wanted to be a natural history photographer!

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