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John Potter, Yorkshire Landscape Photographer

I interviewed John Potter a number of years ago and the following is the text of the article that was published in The Countryman (UK).

There is one thing that all photographers of the landscape seem to have in common — passion. A passion not only for photography but an abiding passion for the countryside that they are picturing.

And, John Potter from York is no exception. “I love the countryside and am passionate about landscape photography, so to have the opportunity to combine the two is enormously satisfying, and far more important than earning great riches!”

I had found John through his website and having been very impressed with what I saw I immediately contacted him to arrange an interview. And, I wasn’t the first to have been impressed with his work.

“A major break happened for me about two years ago when, in the autumn of 2003, Barry Milton of Myriad Books Ltd called me after seeing my web site. He asked if I had many pictures of Yorkshire Dales villages. I sent him some sample pictures and within a couple of weeks I had signed my first contract with Myriad. My deadline for supplying approx 120 pictures and all the captions for Yorkshire Dales Villages (ISBN 1904736114) was November 2004. I planned to draw 50% of the pictures from shots that I already had and shoot the remainder during the next 12 months.”

That was the sort of break that landscape photographers dream about but for John it was not all plain sailing as he was a teacher with all the commitments that that entails. However, he achieved his target and his first book was published.

I learned that John had been a teacher for over twenty years and I wondered how long he had been involved in photography.

“I made my first black and white print in 1983. I joined York Camera Club that year and was soon entering competitions and sending my work to magazines. During the mid-90s I produced a series of darkroom articles for Practical Photography magazine and then went on to teach O Level Photography in the evenings for a number of years in a local Adult Education Centre.

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