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My interview with Nick Jenkins, Welsh Photographer of the Landscape

Some years ago I interviewed a number of photographers with the results being published in The Countryman, a popular UK magazine. This is one if them.

“So much beautiful landscape — so little time!” Nick Jenkins smiled as he said it and then added, “What really drives me is the total love I have of our landscapes and the desire to share that with folk through the medium of my work.” In a few words this company executive turned landscape photographer summed up his passion for our countryside and his photography.

When the company that Nick had worked in for twenty-seven years was taken over he found himself ‘surplus to requirements’ as he so succinctly puts it. At an age that is, in employment agency speak ‘difficult’, he took stock of his talents and interests and decided to have a go at converting his ten years experience as a hobby landscape photographer into a business.

It is often said that fortune favours the brave but it is often forgotten that fortune tends to come to those who make an effort. In Nick’s case, he sought advice from a fellow photographer, Steve Day, who, as Nick said, “not only provided plenty of sound advice but put me in touch with a very prestigious possible first client! This worked out well and my first big commission was under way within five weeks of setting myself up as Freespirit Images in August 2002. Sadly, Steve died of a brain tumour shortly after we made contact but his generosity and help were very instrumental in the successful launch of my business.”

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