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An Interview with David Ward — words of wisdom for landscape photographers

While this interview is not new, it still contains many words of wisdom for photographers today.

Herefordshire is my mother’s native county so I may be forgiven when I say that I consider it one of the most photogenic of England’s many photogenic counties and I can see why a landscape photographer of David Ward’s calibre would make it his home.

I had driven from London to interview David as I had heard that he had a book to be published later in the year and also because I had liked what I had seen of his work in the UK photographic press.

Having had a welcome cuppa, said ‘hi’ to David’s wife, Jenny, who was concentrating on her computer working on the administration of Light and Land, a company which runs photographic tours and workshops, and accepted the welcoming ministrations of their dogs, I began to probe David’s photographic past which I quickly learned featured food, dogs by the dozen and racing cars in his time as an assistant after gaining his degree.

But, as the specialist food photographer he was assisting commented after five or six months, “You don’t really want to do food photography, do you.” “Not really.” “So, what do you want to do?” “I’d like to do landscape photography but I know there’s no money in that.”

With that out in the open, David was sent to speak to Paul Wakefield, an advertising photographer who also made brilliant landscapes.


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