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An Unforgiving Place

Kiandra 1002-4

New Chum Hill, Kiandra, Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia

I stood on the hillside at Kiandra and through the wind whipping along the valley and cutting straight through me I heard voices of the diggers from the past as they searched desperately for the metal that would change their lives.

“G’day! Any luck?”

The grimy, sweating miner grubbing in the creek looked up at the weary travellers, “Sure, but your best bet is on that hill over there.”

The newcomers moved on, a steady climb ahead of them. All around the hills and creeks were alive with frantically searching miners, an occasional whoop signalling that the hillside or a rushing creek had revealed some of its golden treasure.

Down by the creek they had just left the miner laughed as he jerked his thumb at the travellers trudging up the hill and called to his mate, “New chums. They won’t last long. I’ve sent them up to that hill.”

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