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Words and Pictures go together

Locomotive 1210 which hauled the first train into Canberra, Aust

This picture was shot while on a business trip to Canberra, Australia’s capital, many years ago. I was passing the railway station and, having noticed the engine, I quickly parked, grabbed my ever present camera and rushed back to get a shot. When I enlarged the negative in my darkroom I was able to read that the engine had been built in Lancashire in the UK. Research told me that it had begun service on the New South Wales Railway in 1878. The reason it was on display outside the Canberra station was that it was the engine that hauled the first train into Canberra in 1914.

I quickly sent a print to Lancashire Life with an extended caption detailing why it was where I had photographed it. The picture was subsequently used in an article on the building of steam engines in Manchester.

The engine has since been relocated to the Canberra Railway Museum and restored to operational condition for work on heritage trains.

The reason for this blog is to show how the addition of words to your pictures can result in a sale. Over the years I have had many pictures used in a variety of magazines because I have provided information relevant to the magazine. You can do the same.

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