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Offer to Buyers of Put Words with Your Pictures

I hope that you are finding my new e-book inspiring you to do what the title says.

For the month of November 2013 I am offering to review a piece of your writing up to 1200 words in length, free. All you have to do is e-mail it to me at and I will review it and e-mail you my comments. How quickly obviously depends on how many take up this offer. You do not need to send me the pictures but it would help if you gave a brief description of those that you intend to accompany the words.

I am a regularly published writer and photographer with my work published in well over fifty different publications and I have worked with authors previously one of whom wrote, “Thanks very much for the reading and correction of my text; it has taken a big load from my mind. All corrections have been effected. I have, of course, acknowledged you in the book.”

I guarantee you complete confidentiality. And, maybe it’s a little naive, all I ask is that you have bought the book to take advantage of this offer.

I am happy to answer your questions before you trust me with your work.


Put Words with Your Pictures is available in PDF format Here

Put Words with Your Pictures is available in formats for tablet readers at Smashwords Here

Put Words with Your Pictures is available in formats for Kindle readers at Amazon Here

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