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Procrastination is a Curse

Procrastination is a curse. I always have good intentions when I start something but I find it so easy to be sidetracked, to be shunted into a siding where something more interesting than the project I had in mind seems to be lurking. It rarely is, of course, but by the time I find out I’ve wasted an hour or so.

It has been happening like this as I start work on another photography e-book so as a defence against that terrible p word I am trying something new. I’m telling anyone who bothers to read this that I am aiming to have this next e-book ready for sale by 15 November and the one after (yes, my mind, for a change, has been busy coming up with ideas) by the end of November. That will do for now. I won’t get carried away as already the doubts are making themselves felt and I’m tempted to delete this entirely and go back to being shunted into that siding.

What is that saying? The road to where is paved with what?

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