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Wildflower Photography

Wildflower Photography

by David Bigwood

(from his e-book Starting Nature Photography)

“Wow!” That was Margaret’s reaction as she viewed the masses of colourful blooms that were just beginning to carpet the heath above Perisher Valley in the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales that only weeks before had been covered in snow. She had only taken up photography seriously a few months previously (an ‘if I can’t stop him, I might as well join him’ decision or maybe it had something to do with me giving her an Olympus SP350 for her birthday) and before I even had my camera out of its bag she was across the road crouching among the flowers shooting like a professional.

We had come to the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, one of my very favourite parts of Australia, in early summer. I had not previously made a habit of photographing flowers but the display in the alpine meadow beside which I had stopped the car was stunning — not as breathtaking as later in the summer perhaps but certainly stunning. And, joining the ‘if I can’t stop her, I might as well join her’ brigade, I fell into line and was soon crouching before the flowers myself engrossed in the sheer beauty of these plants that survive and flourish in the harsh environment in which they live.

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