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I am a Writer and a Photographer, but . . .

That question I set myself yesterday should have been asked long ago. It set me thinking, considering, researching, pondering, — whatever you want to call the process of self-criticism. And, after 24 hours of this, including at 2am today, I have finally realised that my problem is that I am totally disorganised. I wander from writing to photography willy-nilly. There is no plan. There is no goal. There is no discipline. There is too much flying by the seat of my pants, too much diversification.

Now, don’t get me wrong, diversification is important but diversification with no written goal can be disastrous, eating up time and money at a great rate.

And, that is what I have been doing more and more of lately. I know the importance of having a written goal but have I written one? No! Why? Because I thought I could get away with it. And, the result? I am dissatisfied with my performance, at my lack of achievement, at my lack of progress. What a clown!

So, back to my question. Am I a writer and photographer or am I one or the other? And, as a rider to that question, what do I do whichever one I choose?

I cannot give up either writing or photography so that is the first part answered fairly easily. The rider is just that little bit harder as it is going to take much of what has been lacking in my approach to my business life. First I have to write down my goals which must be realistic and achievable but will require some concentrated effort. In other words they cannot be too easy but, equally, they must not be out of reach.

Second, I need to set myself a schedule, a written schedule which will give me something to stick to unless unusual circumstances intervene. I need to have a timetable just like I had at school. But, I also have to have the discipline to stick to that timetable. For instance, I will write from 10am to 12-30pm each weekday and concentrate on my photography in the afternoons.

Third, before I chase after my latest brainstorm I will seriously assess the pros and the cons.

Fourth, re-assess my written goals every three months to ensure that they are still realistic and to amend them if they are not. This will also give me an idea as to whether my performance has been good, bad or indifferent.

That is my job today. To decide on a goal and write it down and to enter the timetable into my computer’s Outlook program. Wish me luck!

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