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Get in Close

Grape hyacinths

The grape hyacinths are blooming in my garden in spite of the frosts that seem to keep welcoming us on the odd morning. They are a beautiful blue which encouraged me to capture a group of them with my macro lens. I made sure that I had my old jeans on as I wanted a worm’s eye view of these hardy flowers. The picture above is the result. I lay flat on the ground with the camera on a mini tripod that I bought for table top photography and shot at 1/15 at f11 on ISO100. Note the shallow depth of field from the macro lens.

Getting in close to flowers really shows them in all their glory and this is why I invested in a macro lens after a period spent using the cheaper alternative of close up lenses that screwed into my camera lens just like a filter.

If you have a hankering to get in really close to flowers or insects then you might be interested in my e-book on Starting Macro Photography which is available for most tablet readers at It is also available for Kindle readers at Amazon In the book I talk about both close up and macro lenses and also discuss how many photographers miss pictures by not really looking into the landscape and seeing what makes up the whole.

Let us have eyes that really see. And, at times, let us forget the photograph and just marvel at what nature does.

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