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Do You Enter Photography Competitions?

Do you enter photography competitions? They really are a great way of assessing your skill against others and, in the long run, of improving your photography. And, there is also the fact that you have a chance of winning something worthwhile; I won a Canon camera and received several cheques when I was competing. If you belong to a photography club and enter its competitions you will know that your photography has become better by competing.

The first thing to remember is that competitions are judged by human beings and all human beings, including ourselves, have some subjects that they like and some that they don’t. I was once told that a certain judge on the camera club circuit could not abide pictures of pelicans. Whether one had scared him as a child or he had just seen too many pictures of the birds offered for his judgement, I do not know but what was clear is that if I wanted a chance of winning when he was judging I should not enter a pelican picture no matter how technically good it was! Obviously, knowing a judge’s likes or dislikes is not always possible but bear in mind that it is possible to be a winner or a loser in spite of the quality of your work. In other words, do not take the result too seriously as next week with a different judge the result can be reversed.

But, even with this proviso, it is exciting when a judge makes some nice comments about your picture and gives it high marks!

I used to enter photography exhibitions around Australia and a picture that was highly commended one week was not even selected for hanging at a different exhibition with different judges the following week.

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I am a regularly published writer and photographer with my work having been used in well over fifty publications, mainly in Australia and the United Kingdom.

I have qualified as a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) and am a member of the Australian Society of Authors.

For three years I was a columnist on freelancing for the UK magazine F2 Freelance and Digital.

I founded and edited The Black and White Enthusiast magazine (later Silvershotz) and was one time editor of the Journal of the Australian Photography Society.

I have images with Alamy, the on-line photography library and some even sell!

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