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Freelance Photography

It’s a Business

Whether you want to make your photography a full-time occupation or just want to sell a few pictures to cover some of the constant expenses that photography incurs, let’s be absolutely clear on one thing, freelance stock photography is a business and needs to be treated as such.

Having said that, just how realistic is it that you can make your photography pay?

I will not insult your intelligence by suggesting that there are thousands of editors out there just waiting for your contributions and willing to pay you a fortune. But, I will say that how you succeed depends very much on just how you approach the marketing of your images. A haphazard approach is likely to produce a haphazard result while a concentrated, businesslike approach is likely to bring a happy outcome.

That is, of course, assuming that you can produce quality pictures that are well composed, correctly exposed, sharp where they are supposed to be and the sort of pictures that the buyer is looking for.

Photography has never been the cheapest of hobbies and at times it seems that it swallows cash like a baleen whale gulps down krill. So, when many years ago I found a book by Louis Peek, one of the leading freelance photographers of the day, called Cash from your Camera, I pounced upon it.

By following his advice I began sending black and white 10×8 prints to a variety of magazines and, to my delight, began making sales. And, while the cheques were nice, I found that the most excitement was seeing my work in print — something that still gives me a thrill today.

This is part of the introduction I have written in my e-book Starting Freelance Photography. The book goes on to discuss how I operate and shows the basic steps needed to begin freelance photography. To download this book for your Kindle reader for just $2-99, go to . For other readers, go to .

At these links you will also find the other photography e-books I have published. Have a browse.

I am a regularly published writer and photographer with my work having been used in well over fifty publications, mainly in Australia and the United Kingdom.

I have qualified as a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) and am a member of the Australian Society of Authors.

For three years I was a columnist on freelancing for the UK magazine F2 Freelance and Digital.

I founded and edited The Black and White Enthusiast magazine (later Silvershotz) and was one time editor of the Journal of the Australian Photography Society.

I have images with Alamy, the on-line photography library.

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